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The Citizen Artist Foundation

"To be free—to walk the good American earth as equal citizens, to live without fear,
to enjoy the fruits of our toil to give our children every opportunity in life—that dream
which we have held so long in our hearts is today the destiny that we hold in our hands."

Paul Robeson, singer, actor, athlete, citizen of the world


The Citizen Artist is a foundation being launched by artist Aida Mancillas. Concerned that the creative community is an underutilized civic resource, Ms. Mancillas is developing a project that will demonstrate how artists can be a vital part of community planning and development.

Artists around the world occupy have occupied, and continue to exercise, leadership positions in government, environmental, scientific, and cultural arenas. American artists must also occupy these leadership roles to insure the well being, growth and sustainability of American democracy. Ms. Mancillas has been building connections with individuals and organizations that can assist in this endeavor through her own cultural and political leadership roles.

Today San Diego is engaged in many creative and long range projects that, if successfully shepherded, will change the infrastructure of the city in sound, humane, and sustainable ways. The Citizen Artist Foundation is eager to be a part of that energy.

Ms. Mancillas is currently building a board of directors for the organization. She envisions that it will be an educational, resource sharing, and capacity building entity connecting artists, scientists, technologists, educators, and civic leaders in joint efforts.

Read "Community Plans, Public Art and the Community Oriented Artist" by the artist.


Citizen Artists

Vaclav Havel President of the Czech Republic, writer.
Elena Poniatowska Mexican political figure, journalist and critic
Carlos Fuentes Mexican Ambassador to France, writer
Melina Mercouri Minister of Culture, Greece, actress
Upton Sinclair candidate for California state office and US Presidency, writer
Miriam Makeba anti-apartheid and peace activist, singer
Thich Nhat Hanh member Buddhist Peace Delegation, Paris Peace Talks ending Vietnam War, poet and world religious figure
El Teatro Campesino theater company and educational and social justice advocacy group